Our cities are transforming and civic engagement lays the foundation for change. We believe engaging should be simple, fun and rewarding, while providing cities with the data and insights required to make smarter decisions.


Citizens love engaging with their City through ntropy Pulse. Here’s what they say:

“Great way to provide feedback on a range of topical issues. Infinitely better than the postage spam you receive in the mail.”
“The app is very easy to use... and guess what? I just received a voucher I can redeem to one of the major retail store in Sydney…”
“As a first-time user (and not particularly tech driven person), found this terrific. Attractive, easy to use and fun!”


Personalized & Adaptive Experiences

Goodbye ‘one survey fits all’. Hello ‘engagement that adapts based on your location, demographics, time of day and more’. Citizens want better engagement experiences that are tailored to their individual profiles, and we’re here to help you deliver those in a fun, simple and interactive way. Push relevant questions based on behavior, prior responses and collected data.

Leverage Machine Data & Artificial Intelligence

Human feedback provides part of the picture. For full context, collect and combine machine data with human generated feedback. We uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically analyze and classify data from all engagement sources. Our real-time dashboards put context driven insights at your fingertips and give you the power and confidence to make smarter decisions.

Incentivize & Reward Engagement

ntropy gives you the option to offer incentives or rewards in return for participation and feedback. Whether it’s free city services, e-gift cards for local businesses, entries into prize draws or something more custom, research shows that offering incentives is a great motivator for driving engagement, reaching new audiences and increasing loyalty.


#1: To Track Engagement.

Cities are using ntropy to track engagement with the community. Staff can record interactions quickly, easily, and while on the move using ntropy’s mobile app or responsive web interface. Dashboards provide insights into which suburbs are most engaged, demographics and key findings. By having an holistic view across engagement sources, project teams can identify gaps in their engagement strategies and adjust accordingly.

#2: To Enable Engagement.

Cities and counties use ntropy to engage with residents across wide and diverse regions. ntropy’s Artificial Intelligence powered personalization engine provides an adaptive engagement experience based on location, demographic and time of day. Having an experience that citizens love results in higher engagement numbers. Our unique approach to engagement collects both human feedback and machine data for complete context.

#3: To Understand Engagement.

ntropy uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically analyze engagement data and find key insights. Using a combination of human and machine data we’re able to classify engagement by location, demographics, behaviors and more. This gives project teams the power to make decisions with context. Our customers use ntropy to answer questions such as: Where is engagement coming from? What are the demographics? Which respondents were on public transport? Which respondents were in the City between 9am and 2am on Friday? And much more!


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