Engage and Discover

At ntropy, we believe that people should be rewarded for engaging and
sharing their feedback. Use our solution to engage with your target audience, reward them for their participation,
gather rich contextual data and analyze and predict to solve real world problems.



Engage With Context

Engage with the right audience, at the right time, in the right context. Use the ntropy Admin Console to create
questions and ideas that can be pushed directly to users through our mobile app. Enable users to engage in a simple and interactive way
through our intuitive yes/no swipe interface, leave comments and view results in real-time.

✓ Admin Console    ✓ User Targeting    ✓ Intuitive Swipe Functionality

Acquire Data

Acquire active and passive data from your target audience when they engage through our mobile application.
Collect active feedback through the user interface and overlay it with passive data points including Location, WiFi, Bluetooth and App Usage.
Our app can be white labelled and is supported by iOS and Android devices. 

✓ Real-Time    ✓ User Anonymity    ✓ Contextual Data    ✓ White Label App

Reward Users

Reward users for engaging with your business or organization and providing their feedback. Incentivize
participation with the ntropy Rewards Wheel, where users earn spins by answering questions and engaging through
the app. Customize your rewards, automate delivery, define win probabilities and control quantities. 

✓ Custom Rewards    ✓ Set Probabilities    ✓ Define Reward Behaviors

Analyze and Predict

Leverage our analytics and pre-trained machine learning models to build user profiles, discover
insights and make predictions. Visualize the feedback and passive data you've acquired using real-time dashboards that have
been custom built for your business and designed to meet your needs.   

✓ Predictive Analytics    ✓ Custom Dashboards    ✓ Machine Learning

Case Studies

We’re transforming the way that businesses and organizations engage with
their target audience and deliver value through data and analytics. Here are some of the ways the
ntropy platform has helped drive student success, social change and citizen engagement:


City of Sydney’s Community Consultation on Late-Night Trading Rules

The Sydney Your Say mobile application, powered by ntropy, enables citizens to provide their feedback on late-night trading rules in Sydney using a simple yes/no swipe interface.

The feedback and data captured has allowed the City of Sydney to utilize ntropy’s powerful analytics platform to filter response types by demographic, location and facility usage. Ultimately the City has more context than ever before, enabling them to make smarter, more informed, data driven decisions.

Collecting and Utilizing Data to Prioritize Services for California’s Homeless RV Families

The Salvation Army Bayview Impact Center has partnered with ntropy to drive an initiative to engage with, and capture feedback from, homeless people living in RV’s in the Bayview area.

This action-oriented research initiative is being driven through the use of ntropy’s mobile app, which allows the homeless to provide feedback on their situation, needs and requirements through the simple yes/no swipe interface. This active feedback will be combined with anonymized sensor data to provide context and insight into the kind of services needed by the target group.

Driving Student Engagement, Success and Loyalty at a Large University

ntropy has partnered with a major, 22 campus university with over 45,000 students to deliver a solution that drives student engagement, builds university loyalty and reduces student attrition. The solution is delivered through ntropy’s mobile engagement platform that rewards students with points for engaging with the university, providing feedback on relevant issues and contributing ideas to improve the campus experience.

The feedback and data captured enables the university to tackle some of its most pressing challenges – from campus optimization to project prioritization and attrition reduction.

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